HR Deputizing / Interim Support (On-site or Remote)

Dignall & Associates has provided Companies with temporary, full-time support, who are in the process of finding a Head of HR or restructuring the function. In this capacity, we have successfully helped both large and small businesses.

Other services include assisting small businesses:

  • Develop or update HR Manuals or related materials
  • Assisting with difficult employee-relation issues
  • Putting in place Training and Development Processes
  • Conducting Training Programs

Many small companies have found this part of our offerings to be very cost effective.


Does your compensation strategy fit your business strategy?

It is important for companies to make decisions with deeper knowledge of the relationships between compensation plans, employee motivation and long-term value creation.

It is critical to balance these competing imperatives and to attract and retain top performers.

How well do you:

  • Compete effectively for top talent at all levels in today's tight labor market?
  • Understand and anticipate hot-button issues and trends when designing employee compensation and benefit programs?
  • Align bonus or incentive plans with above and beyond performance, so as to create a self-funding and yet high-performance environment?

We can work with you to design a compensation strategy and related programs, which meet your specific needs.