Dignall & Associates has developed a unique approach to the management/executive assessment process which will help your company determine talent alignment & development potential.  We have implemented this successfully within several major and highly successful public and private corporations including:

  • Ryder Systems Inc. (Logistics & Transportation)
  • HealthSouth (Healthcare)
  • The Bahamas Telecommunications Co Ltd (Telecommunications)
  • Calpine Corporation (Generated Power)
  • Charter Communications (Cable TV)
  • Superior Group of Companies (Retail/Manufacturing)


This multi-functional process includes the design and administering of a customized Core Competency Model, followed by a structured Interview Process.


What comes after the assessment and who benefits?

  • An Individual Development Report is designed for each candidate being assessed and is based on the collective informationretrieved from the process. This report clearly indicates strengths and development needs/potential, as well as how to make application of the information.
  • Corporate Report is presented back to the Client, which is comprised of information from the entire process, indeterminate of the number of individuals assessed. Dignall & Associates will assist the client on how best to proceed.



Our most successful clients have tangible, improved business performance using this assessment process to:

  1. Identify strengths and areas for development of its employee/ program participants
  2. Ensuring employee participants are performing at their potential in their correct role