Areas of Expertise:

Providing exceptional
service with

tangible value added results

Competitive Advantage:

Keep It Simple

No more than two assignments are handled at any given time (other than for contingent sourcing assignments). This allows every project the full attention it deserves. There have been occasions when Dignall & Associates has chosen not to begin new projects for this reason, but has referred these to other resources, which are able to provide the services required.

Personalized Service from Corporate Team

Dignall & Associates elects to remain specialized and relatively small in order to preserve a personal service and immediate customer response. Also, managing a select few assignments at any given time allows full involvement of the two prime consultants.

Vast Network

Remaining a part of a large, progressive network is critically important to the success of Dignall & Associates as well as to those with which it networks. It is a standard practice which produces great results.

Quality of Services Performed

Our intention is to continually increase the quality of services provided to our clients through regular reviews and market comparison, as well as by invited post project critique of clients. Our goal is complete satisfaction and to exceed expectations.

Decreased Operating Cost = Savings to Client

Dignall & Associates understands the importance of controlling expenses and has worked hard to maintain low operating costs. These savings are always passed on to the client in the way of a market competitive fee structure.